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The Legume Federation is an NSF project to help foster increased use of data standards, distributed development, and comparative analysis, to support research across the legume family, and to support robust agriculture for a world that is significantly "legume-fed".

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A Genome Context Viewer (GCV) “Test-Drive”

Written by: Dr. Nevin Young

  • June 25, 2019

I decided to take GCV out for a test-drive to help answer the question, "Are symbiosis genes, clustered together in the Medicago truncatula genome into so-called ‘symbiotic islands’, also conserved, syntenic and co-linear in the genomes of other legume species?” Because the test-drive was so limited in scope, there’s really no way to reach definitive conclusions about symbiotic islands. But the study did provide insights into symbiotic islands, strengths and limitations of GCV – and also the challenges of comparative genomics based on sequence assemblies coming from diverse sources.

Visualizing Genomes: The Chromosome Visualization Tool

Written by: E. Cannon, A. Wilkey and L. Sanderson

  • Feb. 25, 2019

A whole genome view of genomic or genetic features that can can lead to new insights. For example, gene density compared with specific repeat families, regions of higher heterozygosity in mapping populations, and distribution of BLAST hits across a genome assembly are all cases where the researcher could benefit from a genome-wide view.