An interactive web application for comparative GWAS visualization.

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Begin in the Manage tab, where you load GWAS data for the specified organism(s). These are tabular data with the following required columns: chromosome, position, trait, and p-value (or its logarithm). Other columns are optional. You may use existing data stored remotely, or load your own local data files.

Data Table

Displays the GWAS data. (filterable, exportable)

Whole Genome View

Displays the Manhattan plots (p-value v. position of each SNP) for each organism's whole genome. You can toggle the visibility by trait. Click on a SNP to zoom into the Chromosome View.

Chromosome View

Displays the Manhattan plots for each organism's selected chromosome, and the genes in each organism's specified annotation window. Click on a gene to bring up more information.

Genomic Linkage options: when selected, clicking on a gene in organism 1 highlights matching gene families for the two organisms (according to the query parameters: within N neighbors of the specified gene, there must be at least M matches and at most I non-matches). There may be more than one related region in the second organism's genome; use the Related Regions menu to select one.

Annotations Table

Table of annotations corresponding to the annotation window specified in the Chromosome View. (filterable, exportable)